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25th Apr, 2015

ESL for Kids Science

ESL for Kids ScienceESL for Kids Science

In Pear Tree’s ESL for Kids class, we’re currently studying the science of Extreme Environments.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at different extreme environments: the Poles, volcanoes, jungle, desert, ocean, and space.

For each extreme environment, we’ve been deciding what dangers there are for human beings.

ESL for Kids Science


After, we then looked specifically at space, because space presents the greatest challenge of all to mankind.

The students had to write about why space is so challenging, and had to consider such things as space garbage / debris, asteroids, gravity, the sun and other stars, radiation, extreme temperatures, the absence of resources, and the space vacuum.

Following this, they had to convert their writing into a speech, which meant creating clearly defined paragraphs with their own topics.

Then, they had to create a PowerPoint presentation that could be used with the speech. This presentation had to consist of relevant images and slide titles.

Finally, the students had to give their presentations.

As you can see, Pear Tree’s ESL for Kids course is all encompassing! They learn relevant skills for school, such as learning science, technology and public speaking.

And, of course, they enhance their language abilities through the use of the English language.


Sample Student Work

ESL for Kids Science

“Some people say we can live in space, but I think it is impossible.”

ESL for Kids Science

“First, on Earth we need air, but in space, there is no air. Yes, we can use an oxygen tank, but the oxygen tank can only be used for a short time. If we are going to live in space, that is not going to work.”

ESL for Kids Science

“The second thing concerns our muscles. What is going to happen to our muscles? The answer is that when we are on Earth, there is gravity that pulls us down, and we need our muscles to stand. If we are in space, there is no gravity. Therefore, our muscles are not going to have any exercise, and our body will get weaker and weaker. Here is an example. If we go to a planet with a strong gravity, when we walk, our muscles will get stronger. When we go back to Earth, we will be able to jump really high!”

ESL for Kids Science

“The third reason is that the atmosphere we have on Earth protects us from the UV radiation. However, in space nothing is going to protect us. During the daytime, the temperature is going to be more than 100 degrees. At nighttime, the temperature is going be less than 100 degrees. If we wear normal clothes, it would be impossible to live in space.”

ESL for Kids Science

“Because of these three reasons, do you still think we can live in space? No, it is impossible to live there. So let’s make our Earth clean, and pollution free.”

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