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15th Oct, 2014

How NOT to get a Salary Increase!

There are effective and ineffective ways of getting a salary increase. Unfortunately, for a Wells Fargo worker employee, Tyrel Oates, he has likely chosen the wrong way. Oates emailed both Wells Fargo company head, John Stumpf, and 200,000 of his colleagues, to propose spending $3bn per year of Wells Fargo’s money on giving every employee a $10,000 […]

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26th Apr, 2012

Montessori vs Pear Tree’s ‘Education 3.0’

  People in Vancouver have made comparisons between Montessori and Pear Tree’s ‘Education 3.0’. However, Pear Tree’s education method is very different. Pear Tree places a fundamental emphasis on connecting education to real life, which is something that few other educational methods consider. Also, Pear Tree’s ‘Education 3.0’ can be used with any age of […]

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VancouverMom.ca Interview with Pear Tree’s Directors

Check out our interview with VancouverMom.ca’s, Amber Strocel. http://www.vancouvermom.ca/for-kids/education-and-innovation-at-pear-tree-in-kitsilano/

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20th Apr, 2012

“Hackasaurus” explained

For those of you who have no idea what Hackasaurus is, check out this example from today’s Hack Jam workshop! 10-year-old student, Michael, ‘hacked’ the Facebook login page make his own version. Pretty cool for a 10 year old! In doing this, the students learn about the different elements of a web page. They can […]

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22nd Mar, 2012

Pear Tree Education’s Students Go To Miku Sushi

What better way to exemplify Pear Tree’s ideals than a field trip to a high-end Vancouver restaurant? Students in Pear Tree’s ‘Kids Can Cook!’ spring break course are learning about cooking in a truly 21st century manner: Hand-ons cooking throughout the course Learning about food nutrition and healthy eating (what’s good for you / bad […]

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14th Oct, 2011

Personalised Educations?

“Personalised Educations Now” – PEN By Paul Romani Oh God, not another acronym. What is it with theorists and acronyms?! This is the term used by a website I came across: http://www.personalisededucationnow.org.uk/.   As someone who is actively trying to change education to make it more relevant the life of students and the country, I am […]

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