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6th Jun, 2015

Small Businesses and West Broadway, Vancouver

Small Businesses and West Broadway, Vancouver Vancouver’s West Broadway is a place which I consider to be ‘Death Alley’ for small businesses. Look down West Broadway and you’ll see building after building of empty commercial properties for lease. You’ll also see business after business destined to go out of business not too long from now. Let’s take a look at why […]

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3rd Dec, 2014

Book Review: Our Canadian Love Story by Linnie von Rekowsky

Our Canadian Love Story. An Immigration Tale. Well, Sort Of. I first heard about Linnie von Rekowsky (now calling herself Linnie von Sky) and her picture books in a store. It wasn’t a book store, so I was intrigued. The store representative heard that I owned an educational business and thought that Rekowsky’s books would […]

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19th Feb, 2013

53 Salmon Alevin Hatched!

Pear Tree Education is happy to announce that 53 salmon eggs have hatched successfully! Fisheries and Oceans Canada provided Pear Tree with 55 salmon eggs in the middle of January. Sadly, two eggs didn’t survive. However, so far, 96% of the salmon are okay! Check out the photo below of the salmon in their alevin […]

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15th Dec, 2012

Video: What is 21st century education?

Pear Tree Education presents its view on what 21st century education should consist of: integrated subjects (through theme-based learning), technology, hands-on learning, collaboration, student-centered learning, creativity / innovation, and entrepreneurship. This is the first in a series of videos discussing these different elements of 21st century education, as well as the problems of implementation such […]

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4th May, 2012

Child Health & Pear Tree Education

There’s no better example of “education connected to real life” than health and food Today, I’d like to talk about two examples of this: What your kids are eating Child eyesight 1. What your kids are eating I’m fascinated by sociology. However, the knowledge gained from this is depressing. For example, it’s a fact that […]

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12th Sep, 2011

Eat Local, Think Local

When Globalization Makes No Sense By Paul Romani   When we use the Internet, globalization makes all the sense in the world. Yet when we talk about food, globalization becomes total insanity. Imagine that Canada exports wheat to the USA, and then imports American wheat. That may make economic sense, but beyond that it leaves […]

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6th Sep, 2011

Paul Romani talks about Education 3.0

The key to successful young entrepreneurs Firstly, I think it’s worth stating that Education 3.0 isn’t a concept that I read about and adopted. I’m not the kind of person that hops on the bandwagon of idealistic trends. For quite some time now, I’ve lived a life that has involved certain aspects of Education 3.0. […]

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