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16th Jul, 2014

Monday’s Morning Warm Up

On Monday, we went to the park to do morning warm up at 9:15 am. First we started jogging three laps, then we did jumping jacks, arm bends,side bends and squad. Next,we did one leg balance, last we started doing squad jump from the stair to the ground. After doing these exercise, we went back to classroom. […]

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Tennis Techniques

Yesterday we went to a tennis court and practiced some tennis techniques. We practiced 2 different styles of hitting the ball: backhand and forehand. For forehand your forehand is facing forward. For backhand we take the racket and hold it across are chest and hit the ball with your racket. Backhand is easier to do than forehand.We […]

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What’s on the Menu? – Monday’s Snack

On Monday, for snack we had strawberry smoothies and eggs on toast. These are the ingredients that we used for the smoothie strawberry, bananas, milk and flaxseed. To make the toast and eggs we used eggs, toast and sea salt. Why are these foods good for you? Strawberry is a fruit that gives you energy. […]

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