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22nd Dec, 2015

New Private Elementary School Opens in Kitsilano

Pear Tree Education is excited to announce the launch of its first private K-7 elementary school located in the heart of Kitsilano on West Broadway and Stephens St. The official opening date of Pear Tree Elementary is September 2016. Pear Tree Elementary offers a progressive education for Vancouver children, including maximum class sizes of 15 […]

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27th May, 2015

Vancouver Courier article about Pear Tree’s Summer Camps

Pear Tree’s Summer Camps discussed in today’s Vancouver Courier In today’s issue (May 27th) of the Vancouver Courier, Pear Tree Education make an appearance on pages A16-A17 as part of the newspaper’s Summer Camp-o-Rama article. Journalist, Shannon Lynch, was interested to know more about the benefits of kids attending Pear Tree’s summer camps, considering that […]

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22nd Apr, 2015

Pear Tree Summer Camps Mentioned on Global TV

Pear Tree Summer Camps Mentioned on Global TV Early this morning, Christine Pilkington from went on Global TV to announce the release of their Top 100 summer camps, as well as their featured summer camps. As part of the interview, Pear Tree’s summer camps were mentioned. Christine highlights that Pear Tree has opened two […]

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3rd Jul, 2013

The Story So Far…

Here are the highlights all of the achievements Pear Tree Education has made since it opened in March 2012 1) 2 x Salmon-in-the-Classroom courses Pear Tree students have helped release 100 coho salmon into the wild (and we’ve since adopted some guppy fish to take care of in the absence of the salmon)       […]

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22nd Jun, 2013

Madrona School moving to Pear Tree!

Pear Tree’s directors are pleased to announce that we’ll be sharing our learning centre facilities with Madrona School! City Hall has given the go ahead for a zoning upgrade to Pear Tree’s facilities – in fact, the whole building. This upgrade is to enable Madrona School to share Pear Tree Education’s facilities on West Broadway […]

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20th Mar, 2013

B.C. Money Changes

If you’re not already aware, there are a couple of changes in money that affect all of us in British Columbia. Firstly, Canada is phasing out the penny. This means that total amounts will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5c/nickel. This affects cash transactions only. All electronic payments will be charged at […]

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16th Mar, 2013

Pear Tree Education’s 1st Year Anniversary!

Pear Tree is celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary! So much has happened in one year that it seems longer After our March 2012 Open House, we launched with our first Pear Tree Spring Break Camp. Considering we were a completely new educational company, we had a surprisingly good turn out, and some of those customers […]

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4th Feb, 2013

Pear Tree in upcoming Vancouver Courier edition

CLICK ON PICTURE TO LOAD PDF As part of the paper’s ‘Your Family’ section of it’s Urban Parents’ Guide, the Vancouver Courier has chosen to write about Pear Tree’s Pro-D day camp on Family Day (February 11th). The picture shown is of Pear Tree, even if there’s no caption provided by the newspaper. Pear Tree’s […]

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12th Nov, 2012

Pear Tree at Vancouver Private School Expo

We would like to thank all those families that came to visit us at our booth at the Vancouver Private School Expo. It was Remembrance Day (a silly day for the organisers to book this event), so we weren’t sure what the turn out would be. However, we were talking to all kinds of families […]

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21st Oct, 2012

Kenneth Oppel & Alexis Birner Presentations

As part of a combined Pro-D day workshop and Children’s Literature Roundtable event, Alexis and Lindsay modified their Picturebook presentation to turn it from mostly theory to mostly practical application. We’ll be uploading the video of Alexis and Lindsay’s presentation in the next few days, so be sure to check that out. Of course the […]

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29th Sep, 2012

Oct 19th: Alexis appears with Kenneth Oppel

Pear Tree director, Alexis Birner, will be appearing as a guest speaker at the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable event on October 19th. The main attraction of the event is award-winning, best-selling author, Kenneth Oppel, who will be discussing his new book and how it can be used in education. Alexis and her colleague, Lindsay Bromley, […]

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6th Jun, 2012

Pear Tree in the Vancouver Sun

Pear Tree is the subject of Janet Steffenhagen’s article on Supplementary Education in Vancouver (June 6th, 2012) Pear Tree’s method of education appeals to parents “who want to give their offspring an edge in a highly competitive world” writes Steffenhagen. The Vancouver Sun article takes a pragmatic view about the need for supplementary education in […]

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4th May, 2012

Critical Literacy: Using Picture Books to Read The World

On April 28th, Alexis and Lindsay presented their Masters of Education graduate paper, about Critical Literacy: Using Picture Books to Read The World, at UBC. Alexis and Lindsay (both Vancouver elementary school teachers) discuss the nature of true picture books (or ‘picturebooks’), and how these books can be used for critical literacy practice in elementary […]

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26th Apr, 2012 Interview with Pear Tree’s Directors

Check out our interview with’s, Amber Strocel.

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19th Mar, 2012

Parent Testimonial: “I’m honestly amazed!”

We asked one of the parents for feedback on Pear Tree’s classes. Here is what she had to say:   1.  What motivated you enter the competition to attend Pear Tree’s spring break courses? I had been hearing about the Pear Tree spring break courses on the radio every morning while driving the kids to […]

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6th Sep, 2011

WestEnder interview – August 11-17, 2011

Launching Education 3.0 Pear Tree offers innovative after-school learning in Kits Why did you decide to start Pear Tree Education? We started Pear Tree Education for two reasons.  Firstly, it is to address the need to modernize education to make it relevant to today’s society and the needs of young people and Canadian businesses.  In […]

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