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15th Apr, 2012

Salmon Release at Stanley Park

Goodbye Salmon Fry On Friday 13th (unlucky for some), 23 children enjoyed a fantastic educational experience helping release Pear Tree’s 49 Coho salmon fry. Taking place at Beaver Creek at Stanley Park, the children took part in a series of science workshops conducted by educators from the Stanley Park Ecology Society. Pear Tree invited along […]

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6th Apr, 2012

Happy Birthday Alexis!

Pear Tree director, Alexis, is 30 today! Those round number ages like 10, 20, 30, 40, are as significant as those of 16, 18 and 21. So, with this in mind, I thought it was appropriate to celebrate Alexis’ birthday publicly. Let’s start with the cute before and after photos:           […]

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24th Mar, 2012

Watch Pear Tree’s Students’ Slowmation Project

Students at Pear Tree Education made a series of slowmation videos as part of their spring break course at the 21st century learning centre Using still photography and a combination of materials, including clay, paper, and Lego, the students tell the story of Super Pig. The story seems to be that an ordinary pig lives […]

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23rd Mar, 2012

Not for the Squeamish: Salmon Dissection

Hands-on Science For Pear Tree Students Students at Pear Tree Education have taken part in their first dissection workshop as part of their salmon lifecycles project. Young children are extremely inquisitive. Combine that with their lack of inhibitions or squeamishness, and you have the perfect age to enter the world of science. While parents and […]

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22nd Mar, 2012

Salmon Lifecycle’s photos

Pear Tree’s Hands-On Salmon Project There are many things that make the Pear Tree method different from schools or tutoring centres, not least of which is its focus on hands-on learning. As you will see from the following photos, Pear Tree’ students learn by doing and making things around the salmon theme. These hands-on projects […]

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12th Sep, 2011

Pear Tree Facebook site

Pear Tree Education provides a range of information, not only about the activities at its Kitsilano learning centre.  While this blog is used to present larger, more detailed articles, there are also the Facebook and Twitter pages for shorter, more frequent updates and news links that we think will interest you. Please visit our Facebook […]

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9th Sep, 2011

Pear Tree Education website now online!

Welcome to the new website for our new company, Pear Tree Education Inc!! I hope you are as excited as we are about this great opportunity for children in the Kitsilano community. Your children will be the first in Vancouver to experience Education 3.0: a 21st century learning method that encompasses all of the requirements […]

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