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20th Mar, 2013

Photos/News: Pear Tree’s Spring Break Camps

Here’s an update on what’s going on at Pear Tree’s Spring Break camps! Anyone following our Facebook posts will know that Pear Tree’s spring break camps got off to a tremendous start. We have a large turn out, lovely kids, and a really upbeat environment. The feedback from parents and child alike has been extremely […]

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B.C. Money Changes

If you’re not already aware, there are a couple of changes in money that affect all of us in British Columbia. Firstly, Canada is phasing out the penny. This means that total amounts will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5c/nickel. This affects cash transactions only. All electronic payments will be charged at […]

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16th Mar, 2013

Pear Tree Education’s 1st Year Anniversary!

Pear Tree is celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary! So much has happened in one year that it seems longer After our March 2012 Open House, we launched with our first Pear Tree Spring Break Camp. Considering we were a completely new educational company, we had a surprisingly good turn out, and some of those customers […]

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26th Feb, 2013

Alexis meets Oliver Jeffers!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to hear the picturebook author, Oliver Jeffers. I am a big fan of his books and I found him to be a fascinating speaker. There are 3 ideas he commented on that I walked away with. Jeffers has a picturebook app for his book, The Heart and the Bottle. I […]

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19th Feb, 2013

53 Salmon Alevin Hatched!

Pear Tree Education is happy to announce that 53 salmon eggs have hatched successfully! Fisheries and Oceans Canada provided Pear Tree with 55 salmon eggs in the middle of January. Sadly, two eggs didn’t survive. However, so far, 96% of the salmon are okay! Check out the photo below of the salmon in their alevin […]

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10th Feb, 2013

Local Water Testing

Students of Pear Tree’s salmon course decided to test water with potential pollutants they found around our buildings In the summer, some students from Pear Tree’s Go Green Eco Team course did drain marking to create awareness about harmful items contaminating our salmon streams. Yesterday, we collected garbage around the drain and tested the water’s […]

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24th Jan, 2013

The eggs are here!

Pear Tree is delighted to announce the arrival of its batch of 55 Coho salmon eggs! It’s exciting to be part of any sustainability project. However, being part of the Salmon in the Classroom project run by Fisheries and Oceans Canada is one of the greatest things any British Columbian can get involved in! The project, […]

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Snow & Crystals Theme for our 1st Pro-D Day Camp!

Pear Tree’s first Pro-D Day Camp was a great success! Based on the theme of Snow & Crystals, students carried out various hands-on science experiments with different kinds of common crystals. They created their own winter scenes, and gave the design a crystal glaze using an Epsom salt solution. (More below pictures) Four read alouds […]

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19th Jan, 2013

Salmon in the Classroom Underway

Pear Tree’s Salmon in the Classroom project is underway! Students at Pear Tree Education have commenced their salmon course, which covers the basic set-up of the tank. Now, the students are awaiting the arrival of the salmon eggs – scheduled to arrive on the 24th January. The picture above shows the basic set-up of the […]

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31st Dec, 2012

Reptiles & Amphibians Finale

Here are the photos of the end of course finale for the Reptiles & Amphibians students! For higher resolution photos, visit our Facebook page:

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29th Dec, 2012

Educational Book Review: 10,000 dresses by Marcus Ewert

  Alexis Birner reviews 10000 dresses written by Marcus Ewert and illustrated by Rex Ray. Published by Seven Stories Press (2008) My Channel: My Blog: Pear Tree Education links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Marcus Ewert Facebook: Rex Ray: Link to purchase 10000 dresses on Amazon:

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15th Dec, 2012

Video: What is 21st century education?

Pear Tree Education presents its view on what 21st century education should consist of: integrated subjects (through theme-based learning), technology, hands-on learning, collaboration, student-centered learning, creativity / innovation, and entrepreneurship. This is the first in a series of videos discussing these different elements of 21st century education, as well as the problems of implementation such […]

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4th Dec, 2012

Delusions about education and how life works

Coming to terms with the unpleasant truth that life has changed is the first step to admitting that your child needs a different kind of education Every parent wants their child to receive a great education and go on to a happy and prosperous life. However, when it comes down to making decisions that will improve […]

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21st Oct, 2012

Meet Our Snake: Students first handle ‘Kinky’ our snake

After several weeks of learning about snakes, Pear Tree students have handled a snake for the first time! It is always interesting when children first meet any animal. They instinctively want to handle it and buy one! What Pear Tree feels is essential, though, is to make kids (and parents) realise that it isn’t very responsible […]

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Reptiles & Amphibians: Snake Camouflage

Students in Pear Tree’s Reptiles & Amphibians course have been learning about camouflage. As part of this mini-project, they created their own snake that would camouflage into the Pear Tree learning centre. And, they did this surprisingly effectively!

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20th Oct, 2012

Why does Pear Tree focus so much on nature?

We all have our own idea of what is educational and what is not. It can be hard to convince parents that studying about nature (creatures and the environment) is educational. But, let’s try. Aside from fulfilling the requirements of the BC curriculum, which covers such things as life cycles, Pear Tree’s 2 key goals […]

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6th Jun, 2012

Pear Tree in the Vancouver Sun

Pear Tree is the subject of Janet Steffenhagen’s article on Supplementary Education in Vancouver (June 6th, 2012) Pear Tree’s method of education appeals to parents “who want to give their offspring an edge in a highly competitive world” writes Steffenhagen. The Vancouver Sun article takes a pragmatic view about the need for supplementary education in […]

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4th Jun, 2012

Students Meet Owls at Pear Tree Education

Students at Pear Tree Education get to meet live owls as part their Night Creatures course. Following two months of hands-on, interdisciplinary studies at Pear Tree’s 21st century learning centre on West Broadway, students finally got the chance to meet these amazing creatures close up. The results were amazing, with the kids being enthralled by […]

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24th May, 2012

Our Living Oceans – Student Work

Here is an example of a mini-project by Pear Tree students, Andrew and Ronald. The following pictures and text are all by them.   The Sea Dragon by Ronald This creature is called a Sea Dragon it lives a few billion years in the future, and it is evolved from a Narwhale (it became too […]

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26th Apr, 2012

Night Creatures: Student Artwork

Look at the quality of the artwork produced by Pear Tree’s students! Pear Tree is into its second week of its Night Creatures course. So, we thought we’d share some of the work the students have already produced. Bearing in mind that these kids are only aged 5-7, this is remarkable quality of work! Also, […]

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