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6th Jun, 2015

Combining Classic and Modern Literature

William Blake Meets ‘Enemy Pie’ As long as the texts are relevant to our students, Pear Tree Education believes in combining classic and modern literature. This week, we looked at William Blake’s poem ‘A Poison Tree’. The poem talks about the benefits of communication in dealing with anger, as well as the consequences of letting anger brew. Blake uses […]

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17th Apr, 2015

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Pork Lo Mein

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Here’s the recipe for one of Pear Tree’s healthy hot lunches for kids Making healthy recipes for kids isn’t rocket science! Despite immature taste buds and limited exposure to a range of food ingredients, kids aren’t all that different from adults. We eat with our eyes first. We look for pleasing […]

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1st Oct, 2014

Qualities of a Great Teacher Mentor

In Kimberly Long’s article about ‘Eight Qualities of a Great Teacher Mentor’ (Education Week Teacher), she provides some sensible ideas for being a great teacher mentor. We’ve taken her ideas one step further, though. As someone that’s been fortunate to have had two great mentors, I believe it’s important for mentor teachers to be inspirational. In […]

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Advice For Student Teachers & Their Supervisors

Here’s our response to Education Week Teacher magazine’s question about the topic of advice for student teachers and their supervisors. “For both, I would say to set higher expectations. The basic standard of teaching programs and the level of training provided simply isn’t good enough (I know of several supervisors that are very despondent about […]

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17th Mar, 2014

Sensory tables at Pear Tree

Pear Tree now has two Sensory Tables, hand built by Erik Birner. Our sensory tables give kids the chance to experience Explorative Learning, carrying out dramatic play using tactile and textured objects. On one table are wooden building blocks (also hand built) for our Medieval Times camp. On the other is coloured rice (also dyed […]

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17th Sep, 2013

Crisis of Imagination and Innovation

If you’ve been following the news of the upcoming iPhone 5S and 5C releases, you’ll be aware of how uninspiring Apple Computers has become. Since the passing of former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, Apple has stood still. They are paralyzed due to a lack of ideas, imagination/innovation… or one could assume that its a fear […]

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29th Jul, 2013

Summer Camps: Week 4 Highlights

Just when you thought you knew Pear Tree Education! Week 4 saw the introduction of Pear Tree’s new Legends & Fairytales summer camp. Admittedly, parents and kids didn’t know quite what to expect from this course. Would they just read fairy tales? Of course not!! In true Pear Tree style, the kids did so many […]

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Summer Camps: Week 3 Highlights

What a bumper action-filled week! We’re a little late posting information about Week 3, but that doesn’t mean that the week wasn’t amazing! Quite the opposite, in fact! Urban Gardener students had a truly hands-on week, planting beans and flowers. They did flower dissections, and created clay diagrams of the different parts of a plant. […]

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15th Jul, 2013

Public Speaking in Pear Tree Education’s ‘Kids Can Cook!’ Course

Pear Tree’s ‘Kids Can Cook!’ course isn’t just about kids cooking! In true Pear Tree style, the kids will be giving daily mini PowerPoint presentations to the other classes about the day’s Hot Lunch (today is Turkey Chilli). They’ll be explaining the main ingredients, the nutrition and what this does for the body. So, this […]

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13th Jul, 2013

Summer Camps: Week 2 Highlights

Every Pear Tree summer camp is action packed, but this week especially so! For each day of the Super Scientists course, students studied different sub-themes, which included polymers, eggs, bubbles, and density. There were so many great moments throughout the Super Scientists course, but probably the highlight was the Sink or Float game. This really exemplified […]

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5th Jul, 2013

Fall 2013 brochure coming soon!!

In the next couple of weeks, our Fall 2013 brochure will be online Pear Tree Education’s enrichment courses for fall 2013 will run from September to December. We’ll be offering options for courses at Pear Tree’s learning centre on West Broadway, Vancouver. Additionally, we’ll be providing options for courses that you can experience at your […]

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Want Pear Tree Classes At Your School?

If you want your kids to enjoy Pear Tree’s enrichment classes, but can’t get to our learning centre, you’ll be interested in our latest service! Pear Tree Education is now offering the option to provide our after-school enrichment classes at your school! If you live in the Lower Mainland (it doesn’t have to be Vancouver), […]

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Summer Camps: Week 1 highlights

Pear Tree Education’s summer camps have got off to a great start! The kids are having fun, making friends, and learning lots of cool things Week 1’s camp themes included Westcoast Creatures and Photography. Below you can see some of the learning that is taking place at Pear Tree, and we’ll be posting more photos […]

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3rd Jul, 2013

The Story So Far…

Here are the highlights all of the achievements Pear Tree Education has made since it opened in March 2012 1) 2 x Salmon-in-the-Classroom courses Pear Tree students have helped release 100 coho salmon into the wild (and we’ve since adopted some guppy fish to take care of in the absence of the salmon)       […]

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Plants & Pollinators course finale

Pear Tree students finish their 3-month Plants & Pollinators course in style! Our butterfly release was the end to an amazing 3-month Plants & Pollinators course. Pear Tree students released 15 butterflies at the community gardens at Maple / 6th Ave. Some photos of the release are below, and more can be found on our […]

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22nd Jun, 2013

Madrona School moving to Pear Tree!

Pear Tree’s directors are pleased to announce that we’ll be sharing our learning centre facilities with Madrona School! City Hall has given the go ahead for a zoning upgrade to Pear Tree’s facilities – in fact, the whole building. This upgrade is to enable Madrona School to share Pear Tree Education’s facilities on West Broadway […]

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9th Jun, 2013

Field trip to the Vancouver Demonstration Garden

Pear Tree’s ‘Plants and Pollinators’ students went on a field trip to the Vancouver Demonstration Garden on Friday, 7th June. Maria from City Farm gave Pear Tree’s students a wonderful tour of the gardens. She talked about the numerous plants in the gardens, bugs/insects, and worms. There were some hands-on things to do, and some […]

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2nd Jun, 2013

Bee Hive Field Trip to the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel

Pear Tree students, who are part of the Plants and Pollinators course, went on a field trip to the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel on Saturday, 1st June. Fairmont’s Michael King gave Pear Tree’s students a wonderful lesson about urban bee keeping, bee behaviour, and some of the ecological issues affecting the bee population. He also explained […]

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22nd Apr, 2013

Salmon Release by Pear Tree Education

On Saturday 20th April, Pear Tree students finally released 52 Coho salmon fry into Beaver Creek at Stanley Park. It was the final field trip after the 3 month Salmon-in-the-Classroom course at Pear Tree Education. Check out these photos of the release! There are plenty more on our Facebook page:

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26th Mar, 2013

Videos: Pear Tree’s Film Studios Camp

Here are some of the amazing videos produced during Pear Tree’s ‘Film Studios’ camp! It was great to see teamwork in action, which was essential to the production of the following videos. There was a lot of individual talent, but that talent was combined to produce great results. One of the toughest concepts for the […]

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