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3rd Jul, 2014

The Arrival – Interpretation (Kyle & Cindy)

NOTES FOR THE ARRIVAL Page 1&2: written by Cindy There is a mother and father. It looks like they are packing something. They might have a child (drawing on wall). They are drinking some tea. It looks like the time period is in the past. They look sad and poor (no luxuries). They pack a […]

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Nausicaa Review – Bruno

Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. Bruno Molinari Monteiro. My thoughts.       Theme: Nausicaa is a book about the world after the seven days of fire which were seven days of Great War and pollution by giant robotic beings called god warriors which were created by ancient humans. Nausicaa is the princess […]

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percy jackson review by:Kiran

percy jackson By:Kiran Percy has stolen Zeus’s lightning bolt and has to return it to zeus in ten to reurn peace to olympus. He gets help from chiron and others at camp halfblood an enclosure for half human half mytholigical creatures. He goes across america in search of the lightning bolt. Percy eventually finds it […]

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Smile review by Erika

Erika                               Smile   Smile is about a girl in high school named Raina. One night she fell down and lost her two front teeth. That’s not only thing that happens to her she has en over bite so she needs braces, and Raina is not very happy about it. When Raina fell and broke her […]

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Coraline book review by Maia

The book Coraline is written from the point of view of the author Neil Gaiman, so you get to know exactly what’s happening from almost all the different perspectives of the characters. From Coraline’s point of view, she entered a house that was very similar to her own(only better, better toys from what she thought) […]

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LAIKA: My thoughts By: Cindy

LAIKA: My thoughts Written and illustrated by: Nick Abadzis Colour by: Hilary Sycamore Theme: emotional I like the story because there are some parts of history in it, so it relates to real life. I also like the art work because it shows the expressions of the characters faces very well and I can relate […]

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A Wrinkle In Time By kyle

A Wrinkle In Time Theme:meg finding her father and beliving in who she is By: Madeleine L’engle Adapted and Illustrated By: Hope Larson Meg Murry is a girl who lives with a boy named Charles. Meg and Charles are very smart in their own way. Charles has an ability to see into someones mind. Meg’s […]

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American Born Chinese review by Ella

American Born Chinese Name, Ella This book is divided into three parts. The three parts are of three different characters. In each part it explains a story. For all three parts it is written by point of view of the main character in that section. The first part is about an immortal monkey. He is […]

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