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18th Mar, 2015

Healthy Hot Lunch Recipes?

Any Parents Looking for Recipes for Healthy Hot Lunches? We’ve been getting lots more positive feedback about our Healthy Hot Lunch program, as well as requests for recipes! At the end of our spring camps, we’ll prepare some recipes to share with parents. Please contact us if you’d like to be on the list to […]

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27th Feb, 2015

Book Review: Because of Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea

Because of Mr. Terupt is a terrific book for developing critical thinking and emotional sensitivity Recently I reviewed Paul Yee’s books Shu-Li and Tamara (2008) and Shu-Li and Diego (2009), which are ideal for emerging readers and middle-school ESL students. In this respect, they’re pretty unique. Finding a book that takes these same readers to the next level is […]

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9th Feb, 2015

Book Review: Shu-Li and Tamara by Paul Yee

Shu-Li and Tamara is even better than the sequel! Recently I reviewed Shu-Li and Diego (2009), written by Paul Yee, which I believe is ideal for emerging readers and young ESL students. How does its predecessor, Shu-Li and Tamara (2008) fair? Let’s put it this way, it’s even better than the sequel! Shu-Li and Tamara was written by Paul […]

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28th Jan, 2015

Book Review: Shu-Li and Diego by Paul Yee

Shu-Li and Diego is ideal for emerging readers and young ESL students! In December, I reviewed the book Our Canadian Love Story by Linnie von Sky. That is a book that seems to be intended for very young, new immigrants to Canada. Despite its best intentions and cute artwork, I felt that Our Canadian Love Story played up the […]

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17th Dec, 2014

FREE Critical Thinking Exercises for Kids

Want Your Child To Practice Critical Thinking? Look No Further! We’ve put together a series of free example critical thinking exercises for kids that you can practice at home or at school Instructions Each exercise consists of a picture and some questions. The pictures come in two formats: PDF and PowerPoint. If you would like to print […]

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15th Dec, 2014

Part 4: Critical Thinking For Kids in Action

Critical thinking skills for kids in action In this concluding part, we’ll be using critical thinking skills to compare and contrast our two photos. After this, we’ll produce a logical and systematic write up. If you haven’t been following this series, here are the links to the previous parts: PART 1: CRITICAL THINKING: HOW A CHILD […]

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14th Dec, 2014

Part 3: Critical Thinking For Kids in Action

Critical thinking skills for kids in action In this part, we’ll be using critical thinking skills to study a second photo. The ultimate goal will be to do a compare and contrast write up about these two photos. If you haven’t been following this series, here are the links to the previous parts: PART 1: CRITICAL […]

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12th Dec, 2014

Part 2: Critical Thinking For Kids in Action

Following on from our previous blog post, let’s see critical thinking skills in action Here are two examples of how to analyse different materials stage-by-stage and then amalgamate that into a coherent argument. If you haven’t read our previous blog post, I strongly recommend that you do that first. As we looked at in that […]

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11th Dec, 2014

Critical Thinking: How A Child Can Start Thinking Deeply

Here are some key strategies for developing critical thinking skills in children The great thing about critical thinking skills is that they can be applied to any subject, topic, or medium. Whether a child is studying a book, a movie, a song, a poem, or a picture, they can apply the same critical thinking strategies […]

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3rd Dec, 2014

Book Review: Our Canadian Love Story by Linnie von Rekowsky

Our Canadian Love Story. An Immigration Tale. Well, Sort Of. I first heard about Linnie von Rekowsky (now calling herself Linnie von Sky) and her picture books in a store. It wasn’t a book store, so I was intrigued. The store representative heard that I owned an educational business and thought that Rekowsky’s books would […]

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14th Nov, 2014

Lazy Teaching: An Example

Should Lazy Teaching be Tolerated?! As part of Pear Tree’s ESL classes, we offer homework help to our students to help them understand questions and ideas, and to prepare for an important test. Here’s an example of some homework that one of our students was set by his grade 6 teacher. For me, this is a […]

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13th Nov, 2014

Children and Careers

Children and Careers Think ‘Passion / Talent’ not ‘Traditional Profession’   Are children too young to think about careers? No! However much you may feel that your child is too young to think about their future career, there is nothing worse than having no aspirations, no idea what you want to study at university (or even […]

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ESL: Why Teach English In Context?

If Canadian Parents Think Their Kids Work Hard, ESL Kids Work Doubly Hard! For children new to Canada, it can be a stressful transition to not only learn to speak English, but also keep up with school work. Without much English, an ESL child will fall a long way behind his/her classmates. Therefore, learning English is […]

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5th Nov, 2014

Getting Good Marks: How to Memorise Vocabulary

How to Memorise Vocabulary Unfortunately, the majority of tests – from elementary school all the way to university – are about memorisation. Fortunately, using the following study strategy, it’s easy to memorise, and therefore relatively easy to get good marks! As an example, let’s use French as a subject in which we have to memorise some vocabulary […]

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15th Oct, 2014

How NOT to get a Salary Increase!

There are effective and ineffective ways of getting a salary increase. Unfortunately, for a Wells Fargo worker employee, Tyrel Oates, he has likely chosen the wrong way. Oates emailed both Wells Fargo company head, John Stumpf, and 200,000 of his colleagues, to propose spending $3bn per year of Wells Fargo’s money on giving every employee a $10,000 […]

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7th Oct, 2014

Fed Up (2014) – Wrong About Childhood Obesity

(Childhood) Obesity = Problem with Education. Period. Watching people say and do things that are bad for them throughout a 1.5-hour video is really, really tough. That’s the experience of watching the 2014 documentary, ‘Fed Up’ about childhood obesity. The movie sets about to defend the victims of (childhood) obesity by saying it isn’t their […]

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1st Oct, 2014

Qualities of a Great Teacher Mentor

In Kimberly Long’s article about ‘Eight Qualities of a Great Teacher Mentor’ (Education Week Teacher), she provides some sensible ideas for being a great teacher mentor. We’ve taken her ideas one step further, though. As someone that’s been fortunate to have had two great mentors, I believe it’s important for mentor teachers to be inspirational. In […]

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Advice For Student Teachers & Their Supervisors

Here’s our response to Education Week Teacher magazine’s question about the topic of advice for student teachers and their supervisors. “For both, I would say to set higher expectations. The basic standard of teaching programs and the level of training provided simply isn’t good enough (I know of several supervisors that are very despondent about […]

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22nd Sep, 2014

Public Speaking at Pear Tree Education

If your idea of public speaking is a traditional speaking contest or that public speaking abilities are determined by ones ability to talk in front of people… mmm, please please please… think again! ‘Public speaking’ is a very desirable educational skill, however it’s not natural for a child to practice public speaking in isolation or […]

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27th Aug, 2014

Summer Camps 2014 Highlights!

Firstly, we would like to thank our students, their parents, and our instructors for helping us make summer 2014 the biggest and best yet! From the following pictures from 2014, 2013, and 2012, you’ll have a good idea of how popular our summer camps have become. We have been almost completely full for 9 weeks […]

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