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13th Mar, 2018

Cultivating Resilience through Mindful Movement

Alex Miller and Cally Bailey from discuss how to develop resilience in kids through mindfulness   Our personalities are instilled with different patterns and habits shaped over time, and we are influenced from before we are even born. Everything from our silly quirks to our biggest fears are a result of what we have […]

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12th Apr, 2016

The Effect of Over-Protective Parenting on Child Potential

The notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parenting are controversial issues. What each of us considers ‘normal parenting’ is due in large part to our personal experiences; in other words, we learn particular parenting styles when we are children through the process of socialisation. Our approach to parenting is likely to be influenced by that used […]

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22nd Dec, 2015

New Private Elementary School Opens in Kitsilano

Pear Tree Education is excited to announce the launch of its first private K-7 elementary school located in the heart of Kitsilano on West Broadway and Stephens St. The official opening date of Pear Tree Elementary is September 2016. Pear Tree Elementary offers a progressive education for Vancouver children, including maximum class sizes of 15 […]

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31st Oct, 2015

Boys’ Uniforms

Pear Tree Elementary Boys’ Uniforms We’re excited to show off the new boys’ uniforms for Pear Tree Elementary. We have a choice of short and long sleeved polos to accompany either shorts or skinny khakis and their Converse sneakers!

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Pear Tree Elementary

Pear Tree Education launches its own private elementary school in September 2016 Exciting news! Some of you may have noticed that we were pretty ‘radio silent’ about our fall/winter courses. This is because we’ve been very distracted by the initial preparations for the launch of our new K-7 private school in September 2016! Our brochure is now […]

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11th Jun, 2015

Book Review: The Rabbits by John Marsden & Shaun Tan

Book Review: The Rabbits by John Marsden & Shaun Tan This is a short review of the The Rabbits (2000) written by John Marsden and illustrated by Shaun Tan. The Rabbits is not a book for young children. It is a true picture book in every sense. It requires ‘reading’ the pictures as much as the text. The two […]

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6th Jun, 2015

Small Businesses and West Broadway, Vancouver

Small Businesses and West Broadway, Vancouver Vancouver’s West Broadway is a place which I consider to be ‘Death Alley’ for small businesses. Look down West Broadway and you’ll see building after building of empty commercial properties for lease. You’ll also see business after business destined to go out of business not too long from now. Let’s take a look at why […]

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Combining Classic and Modern Literature

William Blake Meets ‘Enemy Pie’ As long as the texts are relevant to our students, Pear Tree Education believes in combining classic and modern literature. This week, we looked at William Blake’s poem ‘A Poison Tree’. The poem talks about the benefits of communication in dealing with anger, as well as the consequences of letting anger brew. Blake uses […]

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27th May, 2015

Vancouver Courier article about Pear Tree’s Summer Camps

Pear Tree’s Summer Camps discussed in today’s Vancouver Courier In today’s issue (May 27th) of the Vancouver Courier, Pear Tree Education make an appearance on pages A16-A17 as part of the newspaper’s Summer Camp-o-Rama article. Journalist, Shannon Lynch, was interested to know more about the benefits of kids attending Pear Tree’s summer camps, considering that […]

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7th May, 2015

Talk Back: Learning from Mistakes

Talk Back: Learning from Mistakes In Pear Tree’s ‘Talk Back’ class, we looked at the picture book ‘The Curious Garden’ by Peter Brown. The students were then given a sample speech supposedly discussing great ideas about The Curious Garden. However, the speech was intentionally bad! Using this bad speech, the students had to learn what […]

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25th Apr, 2015

ESL for Kids Science

ESL for Kids Science In Pear Tree’s ESL for Kids class, we’re currently studying the science of Extreme Environments. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at different extreme environments: the Poles, volcanoes, jungle, desert, ocean, and space. For each extreme environment, we’ve been deciding what dangers there are for human beings.   […]

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24th Apr, 2015

Talk Back: Presentation Design for Kids

Talk Back: Presentation Design for Kids In Wednesday’s ‘Talk Back’ class, we studied about presentation design using PowerPoint. To begin with, we looked at two examples: one good and one bad.   From these examples, the students had to understand why the bad example is bad: The slides are pretty much all text The text is […]

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22nd Apr, 2015

Pear Tree Summer Camps Mentioned on Global TV

Pear Tree Summer Camps Mentioned on Global TV Early this morning, Christine Pilkington from went on Global TV to announce the release of their Top 100 summer camps, as well as their featured summer camps. As part of the interview, Pear Tree’s summer camps were mentioned. Christine highlights that Pear Tree has opened two […]

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17th Apr, 2015

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Pork Lo Mein

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Here’s the recipe for one of Pear Tree’s healthy hot lunches for kids Making healthy recipes for kids isn’t rocket science! Despite immature taste buds and limited exposure to a range of food ingredients, kids aren’t all that different from adults. We eat with our eyes first. We look for pleasing […]

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16th Apr, 2015

Talk Back: Public Speaking for Kids course

Talk Back: Public Speaking for Kids course In yesterday’s first class of ‘Talk Back’, Pear Tree’s new public speaking course for kids, we started by studying two pictures of bullying. Students had to using observation and critical thinking skills to dissect the picture, as well as to make inferences about things you can’t see, but […]

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14th Apr, 2015

Painter’s Pallet at Norma Rose Point School

Painter’s Pallet at Norma Rose Point School Check out our ‘Painter’s Pallet’ course that Pear Tree is running at Norma Rose Point School (near UBC). This project was based on Rene Magritte’s ‘Son of Man’ picture (shown below). The students painted the sky background with sponge painting technique. They then painted the apples and learned […]

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8th Apr, 2015

ESL Science Classes

ESL Science Classes In Pear Tree’s ESL classes, we’re studying science! Currently, we’re learning about methods of making electricity! We combine critical thinking questions with clear and easy visuals/videos that both ESL and native English speakers can understand. Our ultimate method of learning is getting the students to teach about particular science topics as a public […]

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3rd Apr, 2015

Presentations in Beginners ESL Classes for Kids?

Presentations in Beginners ESL Classes for Kids? Pear Tree Education demonstrates what you can achieve in beginners’ ESL classes for kids In a matter of three or four classes, how can you take a complete beginner to a point where they give their first English presentation? Pear Tree dares to achieve what others don’t! Some of the first […]

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18th Mar, 2015

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Morals

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Morals Today’s topic in Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence course is ethics and morals, by far the most challenging part of the course. We started by comparing humans to androids, which is very complex once you start looking at the mind (and, let’s face it, the average robots course does nothing but […]

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EXPLAINED: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course

Explaining Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course Pear Tree’s ‘A.I.’ course for 10-14 year olds is a tough course to explain. This partly because it’s very holistic! It’s also because of how common robotics courses have become in Vancouver camps. Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence course isn’t really a robotics course and is very different the courses people are […]

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