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Why study with us

There are many tutoring and learning centres in Vancouver, so why should you choose Pear Tree Education?

All of our courses are taught by two highly-qualified Vancouver school teachers:

  • Your child gets two teachers per course: one is an expert in science/math, and the other an expert in language arts/social studies.
  • Our teachers are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about education and Pear Tree’s pedagogy.
  • At the very minimum, our teachers all have university and education degrees. What is more, many have master’s degrees, too.

We teach all school subjects:

  • Kids need a well-rounded education, so Pear Tree teaches all subjects: science, math, social studies, and language arts.
  • Save money at Pear Tree by attending one course that teaches all subjects, rather than four unrelated courses.

We improve understanding:

  • Getting good grades is often a case of memorising for tests, but memorising doesn’t mean you’re intelligent. Pear Tree gives your child both a deep and broad understanding of what they are learning at school.
  • People learn by doing – that’s why all of Pear Tree’s courses are hands-on and active.
  • We teach kids that education isn’t just about exams, but for use outside of school.

We empower children:

  • Pear Tree doesn’t create dependency on tutors. We equipped your child with the executive skills, social skills, and academic skills to excel for life.
  • We prepare children to apply education to real life, so that they can succeed in life and work.


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