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Jacob, AGED 9

  • Loves: Lego, Computer Games, Animals
  • Favourite Subject: Language Arts

Jacob is very imaginative. He loves building cities and characters with Lego to incorporate them into his own make believe stories.

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Eun Jung

Eun Jung, AGED 10

  • Loves: Drawing, Manga, Cooking
  • Favourite Subject: Science & Art

Eun Jung is awesome at drawing! She’s learned to communicate some pretty complex ideas using information graphics. She also likes carrying out her own scientific experiments. Eun Jung is very inquisitive.

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Jas, AGED 15

  • Loves: Hockey, Playing Guitar Hero or Wii
  • Favourite Subject: Sports & Maths

Jas is a people person! He has no problems meeting new people, or speaking in front of audiences. He’s a natural leader, able to get people working together, as well as draw upon the talents of others. Jas also has a good business mind.

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Emma, AGED 14

  • Loves: Listening to her iPod, Photography, Yoga
  • Favourite Subject: English & History

Emma knows a lot about what’s going on around the world, and is a keen researcher. In particular, she loves using the Internet to find out more about topics she’s interested in. Emma likes blogging about her thoughts and posting pictures she takes.

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What makes a Pear Tree Student?

While students of Pear Tree Education all have different interests and backgrounds from one another, they all share two common similarities. The first is that Pear Tree students all possess 21st century learning abilities! This means that no matter what their individual strengths are, they are still able to connect the sciences and the arts, math, and technology as one complete form of interrelated knowledge; they are able to work effectively with other people, and utilize the abilities of others; they are able to think of new ideas; and they are able to apply education to real-life needs – both their own needs, as well as those of their future careers.

The second similarity is that Pear Tree students have an education that means something. It’s not just about grades; it’s about knowing how to use that knowledge to better their lives, as well as the lives of others.

So, I guess you could say that Pear Tree students are pretty handy people to know!

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