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25th Apr, 2015

ESL for Kids Science

ESL for Kids Science In Pear Tree’s ESL for Kids class, we’re currently studying the science of Extreme Environments. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been looking at different extreme environments: the Poles, volcanoes, jungle, desert, ocean, and space. For each extreme environment, we’ve been deciding what dangers there are for human beings.   […]

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24th Apr, 2015

Talk Back: Presentation Design for Kids

Talk Back: Presentation Design for Kids In Wednesday’s ‘Talk Back’ class, we studied about presentation design using PowerPoint. To begin with, we looked at two examples: one good and one bad.   From these examples, the students had to understand why the bad example is bad: The slides are pretty much all text The text is […]

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22nd Apr, 2015

Pear Tree Summer Camps Mentioned on Global TV

Pear Tree Summer Camps Mentioned on Global TV Early this morning, Christine Pilkington from Vancouvermom.ca went on Global TV to announce the release of their Top 100 summer camps, as well as their featured summer camps. As part of the interview, Pear Tree’s summer camps were mentioned. Christine highlights that Pear Tree has opened two […]

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17th Apr, 2015

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Pork Lo Mein

Healthy Recipes for Kids: Here’s the recipe for one of Pear Tree’s healthy hot lunches for kids Making healthy recipes for kids isn’t rocket science! Despite immature taste buds and limited exposure to a range of food ingredients, kids aren’t all that different from adults. We eat with our eyes first. We look for pleasing […]

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16th Apr, 2015

Talk Back: Public Speaking for Kids course

Talk Back: Public Speaking for Kids course In yesterday’s first class of ‘Talk Back’, Pear Tree’s new public speaking course for kids, we started by studying two pictures of bullying. Students had to using observation and critical thinking skills to dissect the picture, as well as to make inferences about things you can’t see, but […]

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14th Apr, 2015

Painter’s Pallet at Norma Rose Point School

Painter’s Pallet at Norma Rose Point School Check out our ‘Painter’s Pallet’ course that Pear Tree is running at Norma Rose Point School (near UBC). This project was based on Rene Magritte’s ‘Son of Man’ picture (shown below). The students painted the sky background with sponge painting technique. They then painted the apples and learned […]

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8th Apr, 2015

ESL Science Classes

ESL Science Classes In Pear Tree’s ESL classes, we’re studying science! Currently, we’re learning about methods of making electricity! We combine critical thinking questions with clear and easy visuals/videos that both ESL and native English speakers can understand. Our ultimate method of learning is getting the students to teach about particular science topics as a public […]

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3rd Apr, 2015

Presentations in Beginners ESL Classes for Kids?

Presentations in Beginners ESL Classes for Kids? Pear Tree Education demonstrates what you can achieve in beginners’ ESL classes for kids In a matter of three or four classes, how can you take a complete beginner to a point where they give their first English presentation? Pear Tree dares to achieve what others don’t! Some of the first […]

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