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18th Mar, 2015

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Morals

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Morals Today’s topic in Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence course is ethics and morals, by far the most challenging part of the course. We started by comparing humans to androids, which is very complex once you start looking at the mind (and, let’s face it, the average robots course does nothing but […]

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EXPLAINED: Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course

Explaining Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Course Pear Tree’s ‘A.I.’ course for 10-14 year olds is a tough course to explain. This partly because it’s very holistic! It’s also because of how common robotics courses have become in Vancouver camps. Pear Tree’s Artificial Intelligence course isn’t really a robotics course and is very different the courses people are […]

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Healthy Hot Lunch Recipes?

Any Parents Looking for Recipes for Healthy Hot Lunches? We’ve been getting lots more positive feedback about our Healthy Hot Lunch program, as well as requests for recipes! At the end of our spring camps, we’ll prepare some recipes to share with parents. Please contact us if you’d like to be on the list to […]

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