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14th Nov, 2014

Lazy Teaching: An Example

Should Lazy Teaching be Tolerated?! As part of Pear Tree’s ESL classes, we offer homework help to our students to help them understand questions and ideas, and to prepare for an important test. Here’s an example of some homework that one of our students was set by his grade 6 teacher. For me, this is a […]

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13th Nov, 2014

Children and Careers

Children and Careers Think ‘Passion / Talent’ not ‘Traditional Profession’   Are children too young to think about careers? No! However much you may feel that your child is too young to think about their future career, there is nothing worse than having no aspirations, no idea what you want to study at university (or even […]

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ESL: Why Teach English In Context?

If Canadian Parents Think Their Kids Work Hard, ESL Kids Work Doubly Hard! For children new to Canada, it can be a stressful transition to not only learn to speak English, but also keep up with school work. Without much English, an ESL child will fall a long way behind his/her classmates. Therefore, learning English is […]

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5th Nov, 2014

Getting Good Marks: How to Memorise Vocabulary

How to Memorise Vocabulary Unfortunately, the majority of tests – from elementary school all the way to university – are about memorisation. Fortunately, using the following study strategy, it’s easy to memorise, and therefore relatively easy to get good marks! As an example, let’s use French as a subject in which we have to memorise some vocabulary […]

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