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15th Oct, 2014

How NOT to get a Salary Increase!

There are effective and ineffective ways of getting a salary increase. Unfortunately, for a Wells Fargo worker employee, Tyrel Oates, he has likely chosen the wrong way. Oates emailed both Wells Fargo company head, John Stumpf, and 200,000 of his colleagues, to propose spending $3bn per year of Wells Fargo’s money on giving every employee a $10,000 […]

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7th Oct, 2014

Fed Up (2014) – Wrong About Childhood Obesity

(Childhood) Obesity = Problem with Education. Period. Watching people say and do things that are bad for them throughout a 1.5-hour video is really, really tough. That’s the experience of watching the 2014 documentary, ‘Fed Up’ about childhood obesity. The movie sets about to defend the victims of (childhood) obesity by saying it isn’t their […]

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1st Oct, 2014

Qualities of a Great Teacher Mentor

In Kimberly Long’s article about ‘Eight Qualities of a Great Teacher Mentor’ (Education Week Teacher), she provides some sensible ideas for being a great teacher mentor. We’ve taken her ideas one step further, though. As someone that’s been fortunate to have had two great mentors, I believe it’s important for mentor teachers to be inspirational. In […]

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Advice For Student Teachers & Their Supervisors

Here’s our response to Education Week Teacher magazine’s question about the topic of advice for student teachers and their supervisors. “For both, I would say to set higher expectations. The basic standard of teaching programs and the level of training provided simply isn’t good enough (I know of several supervisors that are very despondent about […]

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