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26th Mar, 2013

Videos: Pear Tree’s Film Studios Camp

Here are some of the amazing videos produced during Pear Tree’s ‘Film Studios’ camp! It was great to see teamwork in action, which was essential to the production of the following videos. There was a lot of individual talent, but that talent was combined to produce great results. One of the toughest concepts for the […]

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20th Mar, 2013

Photos/News: Pear Tree’s Spring Break Camps

Here’s an update on what’s going on at Pear Tree’s Spring Break camps! Anyone following our Facebook posts will know that Pear Tree’s spring break camps got off to a tremendous start. We have a large turn out, lovely kids, and a really upbeat environment. The feedback from parents and child alike has been extremely […]

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B.C. Money Changes

If you’re not already aware, there are a couple of changes in money that affect all of us in British Columbia. Firstly, Canada is phasing out the penny. This means that total amounts will be rounded up or down to the nearest 5c/nickel. This affects cash transactions only. All electronic payments will be charged at […]

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16th Mar, 2013

Pear Tree Education’s 1st Year Anniversary!

Pear Tree is celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary! So much has happened in one year that it seems longer After our March 2012 Open House, we launched with our first Pear Tree Spring Break Camp. Considering we were a completely new educational company, we had a surprisingly good turn out, and some of those customers […]

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