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24th Jan, 2013

The eggs are here!

Pear Tree is delighted to announce the arrival of its batch of 55 Coho salmon eggs! It’s exciting to be part of any sustainability project. However, being part of the Salmon in the Classroom project run by Fisheries and Oceans Canada is one of the greatest things any British Columbian can get involved in! The project, […]

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Snow & Crystals Theme for our 1st Pro-D Day Camp!

Pear Tree’s first Pro-D Day Camp was a great success! Based on the theme of Snow & Crystals, students carried out various hands-on science experiments with different kinds of common crystals. They created their own winter scenes, and gave the design a crystal glaze using an Epsom salt solution. (More below pictures) Four read alouds […]

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19th Jan, 2013

Salmon in the Classroom Underway

Pear Tree’s Salmon in the Classroom project is underway! Students at Pear Tree Education have commenced their salmon course, which covers the basic set-up of the tank. Now, the students are awaiting the arrival of the salmon eggs – scheduled to arrive on the 24th January. The picture above shows the basic set-up of the […]

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