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31st Dec, 2012

Reptiles & Amphibians Finale

Here are the photos of the end of course finale for the Reptiles & Amphibians students! For higher resolution photos, visit our Facebook page:

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29th Dec, 2012

Educational Book Review: 10,000 dresses by Marcus Ewert

  Alexis Birner reviews 10000 dresses written by Marcus Ewert and illustrated by Rex Ray. Published by Seven Stories Press (2008) My Channel: My Blog: Pear Tree Education links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Marcus Ewert Facebook: Rex Ray: Link to purchase 10000 dresses on Amazon:

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15th Dec, 2012

Video: What is 21st century education?

Pear Tree Education presents its view on what 21st century education should consist of: integrated subjects (through theme-based learning), technology, hands-on learning, collaboration, student-centered learning, creativity / innovation, and entrepreneurship. This is the first in a series of videos discussing these different elements of 21st century education, as well as the problems of implementation such […]

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8th Dec, 2012

How to make exams more 21st century in 5 minutes!

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely to be either a teacher/parent that already knows that current exam methods are ridiculously outdated and worthless, or you’re someone that is wondering what could possibly be wrong with them. Note: If you are more interested in finding out how to modernise exams, please feel free to scroll […]

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4th Dec, 2012

Delusions about education and how life works

Coming to terms with the unpleasant truth that life has changed is the first step to admitting that your child needs a different kind of education Every parent wants their child to receive a great education and go on to a happy and prosperous life. However, when it comes down to making decisions that will improve […]

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