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31st Oct, 2012

Video: Critical Literacy: Tackling Difficult Topics with Children’s Literature

Here is Alexis and Lindsay’s presentation about how teachers can teach Critical Literacy in their classrooms.   Pear Tree Director, Alexis Birner, and Lindsay Bromley are two Vancouver school teachers and postgraduates. In this presentation at the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable, starring Kenneth Oppel, Alexis and Lindsay demonstrate how they use picture books in their […]

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Response to Maclean’s article: “Why are schools brainwashing our children?”

I’m standing at the check out in London Drugs (one of my least favourite places to be), and I glance across at the front cover of Maclean’s and immediate see the title “Why are schools brainwashing our children?” Provocative titles like this evoke nothing but negative feelings. There are negative opinions everywhere, but one such […]

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21st Oct, 2012

Kenneth Oppel & Alexis Birner Presentations

As part of a combined Pro-D day workshop and Children’s Literature Roundtable event, Alexis and Lindsay modified their Picturebook presentation to turn it from mostly theory to mostly practical application. We’ll be uploading the video of Alexis and Lindsay’s presentation in the next few days, so be sure to check that out. Of course the […]

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Meet Our Snake: Students first handle ‘Kinky’ our snake

After several weeks of learning about snakes, Pear Tree students have handled a snake for the first time! It is always interesting when children first meet any animal. They instinctively want to handle it and buy one! What Pear Tree feels is essential, though, is to make kids (and parents) realise that it isn’t very responsible […]

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Reptiles & Amphibians: Snake Camouflage

Students in Pear Tree’s Reptiles & Amphibians course have been learning about camouflage. As part of this mini-project, they created their own snake that would camouflage into the Pear Tree learning centre. And, they did this surprisingly effectively!

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20th Oct, 2012

Why does Pear Tree focus so much on nature?

We all have our own idea of what is educational and what is not. It can be hard to convince parents that studying about nature (creatures and the environment) is educational. But, let’s try. Aside from fulfilling the requirements of the BC curriculum, which covers such things as life cycles, Pear Tree’s 2 key goals […]

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1st Oct, 2012

What Student-Centred Learning Really Means

Student-centred learning is a common term – and not just in schools either. It’s one of the mostly commonly thought of concepts for what is modern education. However the term ‘student-centred learning’ different interpretations to different people. Wikipedia describes Student-Centred Learning as being “focused on the student’s needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles with the […]

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