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23rd Aug, 2012

Thank you Pear Tree summer camp students!

We would like to thank students, parents, and teachers for making Pear Tree’s first summer camp such an amazing one! It was incredible not only how many but also how lovely you all are!  We felt great pride in offering Pear Tree courses to each and every one of you. In turn, we were treated […]

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18th Aug, 2012

Week 6: Animation Movie Studio

The last week of Pear Tree’s summer camps included the Animation Movie Studio course. Working with a variety of materials including coloured card, clay, and Lego, the students made a different mini slowmation video every day of the week. At the end of the week, the students took home a CD with a copy of […]

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12th Aug, 2012

Week 5: Kids Can Cook!

And boy, can these kids ever cook! Our ten young chefs, aged 4-7, cooked over 10 snacks and meals this week. Led by “Chef Lindsey”, the students learned about creating balanced meals, the food groups, and even how sugar can impact their bodies. They learned about dicing, chopping, using equipment safely, the differences between fresh […]

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Week 5: Young Detectives

These young detectives had a fantastic week learning about fingerprints, footprints, working with Facial Composite Software, solving mystery powder challenges by using acid/base indicators, and even extracting DNA from a banana! Each day, Detective Simran introduced her students to a different concept used by real forensic scientists, and students applied a variety of skills and […]

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2nd Aug, 2012

Week 4: Graphic Novels Galore

We’ve been reading, writing and inferring up a storm this past week in the “Making Graphic Novels” course! Graphic novels are a big hit with kids these days, and from an educator’s perspective, they are a really important learning resource for developing important skills for the 21st century. Not only do students need to read […]

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Week 3: The Go Green Eco Team hits the streets of Kitsilano

Just like the Lorax, the students at Pear Tree  “…speak for the trees!” While most students at Pear Tree are already environmentally conscious, the students in the Go Green Eco Team summer camp learned even more about how to make a positive impact on the environment! In addition to making eco-friendly soap, planting a terrarium, […]

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Week 4: Super Scientists continued

After the Flubber experiment, the Pear Tree students also made bouncy balls and inflating balloons. Much of Super Scientists is about kids gaining a deeper understanding of different properties of matter. People often assume that there are only three types of matter: liquids, solids, gases. However, there are also polymers! Pear Tree’s young scientists also […]

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1st Aug, 2012

Week 4: Super Scientists

Super Scientists kicks off the week with Flubber! What a fantastic start to our Super Scientist course! After learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases, the young scientists learned that some things can have the properties of both a solid and a liquid. And what a better way to discover this than by […]

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Week 2: Nature Nurturers [Updated with Magazine!]

Pear Tree has three unique ‘Earth-Friendly’ courses: West Coast Creatures, Nature Nurturers, and Go Green Eco Team. Each course is quite different: In West Coast Creatures, students learn about B.C. wildlife. In Nature Nurturers, students learn about B.C.’s environment and to redevelop a connection with that environment (e.g. through gardening). In Go Green Eco Team, […]

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