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28th Jul, 2012

Week 2: Kids Can Cook!

Pear Tree was overwhelmed with demand for its Kids Can Cook! course. That’s great, because we believe that everyone should know about cooking and nutrition. During the summer camp course, the students made fruit smoothies, buttermilk pancakes, quesadillas, bran muffins, and much more! The week ended with an exciting field trip to a new Yaletown […]

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18th Jul, 2012

Week 1: West Coast Creatures (Updated)

For Pear Tree’s younger students, West Coast Creatures offered the perfect balance of fun and learning. Each day the students studied a different west coast creatures, including hummingbirds, sea stars, orcas, and bears. The kids went on a field trip to the Jericho beach and the Vancouver Aquarium where they explored marine life, both big and […]

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17th Jul, 2012

Week 1: Photography & Card Design Camp

Students aged 8-11 produced some outstanding work considering their young age and limited experience in Pear Tree’s photography & card design camp. This popular course covered a wide range of topics, such as perspective, angles, rule of thirds, backgrounds, portraits, close ups, landscapes, apertures, focal depth, still life, contrast, and black and white photos. The […]

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15th Jul, 2012

“Happy Summer Campers”

Pear Tree’s summer camps have got off to an amazing start! Commencing with their very own West Coast Creatures course, as well as Photography & Card Design, Pear Tree’s students have had an amazing first week of summer camps! The Photography & Card Design students applied the photography techniques they learned by their teacher, Simran, […]

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