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6th Jun, 2012

Pear Tree in the Vancouver Sun

Pear Tree is the subject of Janet Steffenhagen’s article on Supplementary Education in Vancouver (June 6th, 2012) Pear Tree’s method of education appeals to parents “who want to give their offspring an edge in a highly competitive world” writes Steffenhagen. The Vancouver Sun article takes a pragmatic view about the need for supplementary education in […]

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5th Jun, 2012

Changing Beliefs in Education… Animated!

Sir Ken Robinson discusses changes needed in people’s understanding of education. This amazing speech is accompanied by an equally amazing animation visualizing his ideas.  

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4th Jun, 2012

Students Meet Owls at Pear Tree Education

Students at Pear Tree Education get to meet live owls as part their Night Creatures course. Following two months of hands-on, interdisciplinary studies at Pear Tree’s 21st century learning centre on West Broadway, students finally got the chance to meet these amazing creatures close up. The results were amazing, with the kids being enthralled by […]

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