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24th May, 2012

Our Living Oceans – Student Work

Here is an example of a mini-project by Pear Tree students, Andrew and Ronald. The following pictures and text are all by them.   The Sea Dragon by Ronald This creature is called a Sea Dragon it lives a few billion years in the future, and it is evolved from a Narwhale (it became too […]

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4th May, 2012

Critical Literacy: Using Picture Books to Read The World

On April 28th, Alexis and Lindsay presented their Masters of Education graduate paper, about Critical Literacy: Using Picture Books to Read The World, at UBC. Alexis and Lindsay (both Vancouver elementary school teachers) discuss the nature of true picture books (or ‘picturebooks’), and how these books can be used for critical literacy practice in elementary […]

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Child Health & Pear Tree Education

There’s no better example of “education connected to real life” than health and food Today, I’d like to talk about two examples of this: What your kids are eating Child eyesight 1. What your kids are eating I’m fascinated by sociology. However, the knowledge gained from this is depressing. For example, it’s a fact that […]

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2nd May, 2012

4 Things You Didn’t Know…

4 Things You Didn’t Know… About Pear Tree’s Directors Talking about your own achievements touches upon certain social awkwardness.  We all love to achieve things, but then feel bad about talking about them.  Nevertheless, everybody needs to toot one’s horn from time to time in order to make people aware of what you’re capable of. […]

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