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24th Mar, 2012

Watch Pear Tree’s Students’ Slowmation Project

Students at Pear Tree Education made a series of slowmation videos as part of their spring break course at the 21st century learning centre Using still photography and a combination of materials, including clay, paper, and Lego, the students tell the story of Super Pig. The story seems to be that an ordinary pig lives […]

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23rd Mar, 2012

Not for the Squeamish: Salmon Dissection

Hands-on Science For Pear Tree Students Students at Pear Tree Education have taken part in their first dissection workshop as part of their salmon lifecycles project. Young children are extremely inquisitive. Combine that with their lack of inhibitions or squeamishness, and you have the perfect age to enter the world of science. While parents and […]

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22nd Mar, 2012

Pear Tree Education’s Students Go To Miku Sushi

What better way to exemplify Pear Tree’s ideals than a field trip to a high-end Vancouver restaurant? Students in Pear Tree’s ‘Kids Can Cook!’ spring break course are learning about cooking in a truly 21st century manner: Hand-ons cooking throughout the course Learning about food nutrition and healthy eating (what’s good for you / bad […]

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Salmon Lifecycle’s photos

Pear Tree’s Hands-On Salmon Project There are many things that make the Pear Tree method different from schools or tutoring centres, not least of which is its focus on hands-on learning. As you will see from the following photos, Pear Tree’ students learn by doing and making things around the salmon theme. These hands-on projects […]

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19th Mar, 2012

Parent Testimonial: “I’m honestly amazed!”

We asked one of the parents for feedback on Pear Tree’s classes. Here is what she had to say:   1.  What motivated you enter the competition to attend Pear Tree’s spring break courses? I had been hearing about the Pear Tree spring break courses on the radio every morning while driving the kids to […]

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17th Mar, 2012

Slowmation course kicks off on Monday 19th

Pear Tree’s Slowmation: Claymation Animation and Movie Making course starts this Monday 19th Led by teachers Kyle and Helen, Pear Tree’s students will explore the world of Wallace & Gromit and Pingu.   The course for 6-9 year olds with commence with learning the basic principles of photography and animation by animating their own name, […]

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15th Mar, 2012

Insider on CSI Forensics course [updated]

Facial Composite Software, Problem Solving, and Fingerprint Comparisons… Students in Pear Tree’s Spring Break CSI Forensics course have learned that, like many things, police work is a blend of science, social studies, and critical thinking skills.   Among the fun and educational activities, students have listened to crime-scene accounts, carried out crime scene observations, analyzed […]

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14th Mar, 2012

Spring Break Photos!

Pear Tree Education’s Spring Break day camps kick off with an awesome mixture of a CSI Forensics, Super Structures, and Kids Can Cook! course. Students in Pear Tree’s Super Structures course have already learned hands-on about shapes and the physical properties of those shapes. As part of this, the students get to study shapes in […]

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Winner of our Spring Break Competition

Here is the lucky winner of Pear Tree’s Spring Break competition! Competition winner, Ronan Tang (left), shown here with his brother Cooper (right), has won a free half-day course at one of Pear Tree Education’s Spring Break day camps., who held the competition on their local blog, received 100 entries for the competition. Ronan […]

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