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30th Sep, 2011

Capable of making a difference

Ray Longaeur, EAP director at Vancouver Career College, discusses his views on Paul Romani and his attempts to change education. Letters of reference typically focus on someone’s past achievements, but in the case of Paul Romani, the future might be an even more relevant place to direct attention. In the field of education, where teaching […]

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25th Sep, 2011

The Parents Role in their Child’s Education

How much should parents be involved in their child’s education? By Alexis Birner I have worked in several different schools, and the involvement of parents always varies. Some parents want to be involved by attending every field trip, and are there at the classroom door to drop off and pick up their children at school […]

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14th Sep, 2011

10 Reasons Why Your Kids Will Love Pear Tree… & You (more)!

Hopefully, you’re a parent that not only tries to do “what’s best” for your children, but is also concerned about what your kids think. If so, you and Pear Tree are on the same wavelength! The great thing is that what your kids want and what they need are (thankfully) the same! Let’s look at […]

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12th Sep, 2011

Eat Local, Think Local

When Globalization Makes No Sense By Paul Romani   When we use the Internet, globalization makes all the sense in the world. Yet when we talk about food, globalization becomes total insanity. Imagine that Canada exports wheat to the USA, and then imports American wheat. That may make economic sense, but beyond that it leaves […]

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Pear Tree Facebook site

Pear Tree Education provides a range of information, not only about the activities at its Kitsilano learning centre.  While this blog is used to present larger, more detailed articles, there are also the Facebook and Twitter pages for shorter, more frequent updates and news links that we think will interest you. Please visit our Facebook […]

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9th Sep, 2011

Pear Tree Education website now online!

Welcome to the new website for our new company, Pear Tree Education Inc!! I hope you are as excited as we are about this great opportunity for children in the Kitsilano community. Your children will be the first in Vancouver to experience Education 3.0: a 21st century learning method that encompasses all of the requirements […]

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6th Sep, 2011

Paul Romani talks about Education 3.0

The key to successful young entrepreneurs Firstly, I think it’s worth stating that Education 3.0 isn’t a concept that I read about and adopted. I’m not the kind of person that hops on the bandwagon of idealistic trends. For quite some time now, I’ve lived a life that has involved certain aspects of Education 3.0. […]

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WestEnder interview – August 11-17, 2011

Launching Education 3.0 Pear Tree offers innovative after-school learning in Kits Why did you decide to start Pear Tree Education? We started Pear Tree Education for two reasons.  Firstly, it is to address the need to modernize education to make it relevant to today’s society and the needs of young people and Canadian businesses.  In […]

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